"History is what happened. Literature is what should have happened."

Reading about writing—overload

I think I spend more time reading about writing than actually reading books. This became evident when I picked up a copy of “Inferno” by Dan Brown and started reading. From the first line of the prologue I was in critic/editor/analyst mode. “I am the Shadow.” What a way to open a novel—with an unknown character talking in riddles! You are supposed to engage the reader, be definite and catchy, not vague and surreal, otherwise—according to the “how to write” articles—you end up in the slush pile! But this here in my hands is the inkbaby of a bestselling author. Hmm. That would have been enough had the author not gone on to begin the first chapter with a dream. Another no-no.

Or not?

I can’t really tell; I need to start reading more.

Short Stories

by WindFragments

Am I still playing a role in your story?

That was the first time
I closed my eyes

Sometimes the sunflowers
have nowhere to face

When tomorrow comes,
I’ll be there

If I lose myself,
will you come find me?

I refuse to become a statistic

I was the one who broke myself

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"I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be."
- Joan Didion, on keeping a notebook.

"Ephemera" by AElfrics-cat on Deviantart

I wrap myself in your pages.
Thumbing your edges,
tracing your spine;
feeling the leaves of you
with every fragile turn

Your ink is on my skin.
You mark me. With
Words and rhetoric.
And I’m not sure where 
the pages end and I begin

(Canvas est corpus -
I can feel you writing into me.)

And though I’m never sure 
if I am lovesong or
parable; dreamscape or
memoir - I love 
the ways you write on me.

I am simply afraid 
to one day see your 
And all I have been 
is a gloss in your margins.


To tumble or not to tumble, that is not the question.

Well, let’s take a look at my online presence, shall we?

On Facebook, I have…*checks* 155 friends. Not bad.

On Twitter I have 293 followers. (Yes, I checked).

On Wordpress I have 16. (Didn’t have to check!)

And here I have 3. (Just saw it before starting this post.)


Facebook is *hardly* an avenue for creative expression. (Thanks for killing Storylane, Facebook…not!).

Twitter—I can never think of a tweet suitable for a public audience and don’t have enough personal contacts on Twitter to warrant a second, personal Twitter account. There goes the microblogging outlet. I compensate by retweeting a lot.

Wordpress! I have finally made a small breakthrough and a trickle of activity has started to show up. A comment or two. A like. A pingback. Highlights in an otherwise barren landscape.

So, I decided to bling up (rather, widget up) my Wordpress sidebar for good measure.

Why am I blogging on Tumblr, then?

Because sometimes you just need to express yourself publicly-but-to-yourself-and-you-know-nobody-is-really-going-to-read-this.

Because I’m still carving the niche my Wordpress blog is supposed to occupy, and I don’t want to spread it out all over the place with random posts.

Because you need to alternate between “I” and “you” without wanting to know whether it’s correct to do so, or not.


"I professed my Love to Him, being bold enough to call myself His lover.
And one day He said to me, ‘Is it really Love?’
‘You filled your heart with base desires,
your mind has thoughts of the other.
You yearn for the comforts of life,
for which you strive with all might.
You then complain of your tiredness,
in the later hours of the night.
When I descend to the nearest skies,
to hear your distraught cries,
you pull up the covers tight,
falling deeper in the slumbering plight.
How is it that a million breaths you have taken,
and it is My name that you have forgotten?
Why then do you call yourself a lover,
If you can’t turn yourself over?’"

Hajirah Academy


"The way we should view any blessing, talent, or success we have:
I am not an extraordinary person. I am an ordinary person who has been given an extraordinary gift. That gift is not from me, nor does it belong to me. It is only in my care. For an appointed time. It was given, and can most definitely be taken.
This is the essence and foundation of the believer’s response to the loss of any gift: ‘Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhee rajioon” (Indeed we belong to God, and to God we return)."
- Yasmin Mogahed
"Don’t look at the zahir (apparent) of other people’s salah (prayer), look at the baatin (inner, hidden) of your own salah."
- Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed
"Think about your Mother and Father.. What color hair do they have? Eyes? Do you know what size shoe your Mother wears? or how big your Father’s feet are?
Think about your brothers and sisters… How many children do they have? Can you name all their children? What about their ages?
Do you have children? What are their favorite foods? Their favorite color…?
Think about your Co-Workers… Can you name any of their spouses? What town they live in? Which one can’t function without tea or coffee? Do you know when their last vacation was and where they went?
Now… Think about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)…
How many children did he have? What were their names? Their ages? What was Prophet Muhammad’s favorite color? Favorite food? How many wives of the Messenger of Allah can you name? Where was his favorite place to be?
Think about how many of these you can answer without Google.
Then remember…
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once told us…
“I swear by Him in Whose Hands my soul lies, none of you will truly believe until I am more beloved to him than his father and son.”
We profess our love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) but yet so many don’t even know how many children he had!
How are we to love the Prophet and live by his example if we don’t know who he is?
Take this moment to learn about the man who loved you without knowing you."
- Samara
"It’s your choice to suffer from the pain of discipline or the pain of regret."
- Samara
"The more you remember Allah SWT outside Salah the more you will be able to remember Him inside Salah, the less you remember Him outside Salah the less you will remember Him inside Salah."
- Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed (via islamicspirituality)

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